In an effort to foster greater awareness of the oeuvre of Walter Leblanc, our principal objectives are focused on:     

  • the preservation and conservation of the collection and archives
  • the ongoing project to produce and maintain the catalogue raisonné online
  • organising or contributing to exhibition and publication projects
  • initiating and supporting projects that aim to spread knowledge about Walter Leblanc’s oeuvre and its context

Board of Directors

Benedikt van der Vorst, President
Gaël Diercxsens, Director
Eric Van Essche, Director
Anthony Spiegeler, Director
Eva Wittocx, Director

Strategic Committee

Serge Lemoine
Francesca Pola
Tijs Visser
Eva Wittocx

Authentication Committee

Géraldine Chafik, General Secretary
Jean-Pierre Maury, Founding Member of the Foundation
Baudouin Michiels, Founding Member of the Foundation and Honorary President